1. Refrector

A reflector is the metal the component that contribute to protect the environment.
Nishii Engineering is the pioneer of reflector producer.
We produce many kinds of reflectors for LED light, digital camera and next generation light source.
You can order from prototyping (minimum 1) to mass production (maximum several millions).


Our reflector has high light directivity thanks to special aluminum material - MIRO2.
MIRO2 is mirrored material. Fine press tuning is needed to use that material to avoid scratch, bend and distortion. Thanks to processing knowhow of Nishii Engineering, we can produce the reflector using MIRO2. The reflector is suitable for next generation light sources.

* MIRO2 is the aluminum vapor deposition material. To avoid scratch of mirror surface, pressing is needed under the condition of film attached.


To produce reflector, special knowhow is needed because we need to press the aluminum vapor material with protective film altogether.

Nishii Engineering has many experience, knowhow and trusts from many customers.

Reflectors for LED light, digital camera and next generation light source

Main character is high light directivity.

In general, the usage of reflector leads the reduction of energy because of increasing the performance of light distribution.

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2. Press products

Nishii Engineering has developed traditional precision press technology and responded to a wide range of demand.
Our press products support the progress of high quality products like camera, digital IT device and automobile.
Nishii Engineering has produced mass production precise products by using progressive transfer mold.
We have deep know-how that has met the demands of sophisticated technology such as metal press processing of 0.02 mm in thickness, optical parts not absolutely permitted of scratches, processing of special materials and so on.
In addition, we are repeatedly challenging to respond to short delivery times and cost needs, while securing high quality, and trial manufacture. Thanks to the location of Ota city in Tokyo, we have many connections to many plating companies and painting companies. So please consult us.



Any material is OK. Iron / copper / phosphor bronze / nickel silver as well as stainless steel / plastic film / mirror surface aluminum etc. We are confident with the variety of corresponding materials.


Thinness:0.02~2.00mm Drawing / bending / shallow drawing


The technology that we have cultivated in Ota city for many years is reflected in domestic and Thai factories.


Technical proposal

We propose a good level mold considering PM, production cut, lifetime production number, accuracy etc. As a result, we often got the positive feedback that it has become a reasonable part price from customers.

Delivery time

Utilizing the flexibility of small and medium-sized enterprises, we can flexibly deal with delivery timings for both molds and products.

International Competitiveness

We are doing optimal production according to the needs from customers by domestic plant and Thai factory.

Production example

Material:Stainless steel
Camera shutter parts

Lens mount parts


Material:Iron(Nitriding treatment)
Camera built-in parts

Material:Phosphor bronze

Material:Gin coat material
Insert molding parts

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3. Mold making

We will create our own mold with high mold design technology and imaging a better final product to ensure reliable delivery.

In-house production of molds is indispensable in order to deliver the products to meet customer requirements with certain accuracy and quality.

We have developed advanced mold design technology every day and have worked on manufacturing press parts with high degree of difficulty such as complicated sequential processing and mirror surface parts.

Also, at the product planning stage, we are proactively conducting VE proposals that make use of these skills, and we have received further satisfaction from our customers.

Flow from consulting to mold fabrication

Examples of ordered progressive transferred mold

  • Optical part
  • Camera
  • Reflector
  • Lens mount
  • Insert molding
  • Solenoid
  • Automobile

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4. Proven production system of Nishii Fine Press (Thailand) Co.,ltd.

State-of-the-art equipment

Thailand factory mainly specializes in precision and small press products using 35t to 60t precision servo press. We are promoting the maintenance of major production systems such as mass production of automotive parts such as reflectors.

Mold production and maintenance system

In order to maintain stable product quality, maintenance facilities are also introduced from Japan and Japanese skilled engineers are mainly engaged in mold maintenance.

The supply quality of products is equivalent to Japan. We also support mold manufacture on site. Please contact us for more information.


Inspection level and quality control system

We bring inspection equipment from Japan, such as a stereomicroscope, and maintain the same quality as Japan.

Quality control know-how acquired in the mass production of pressed parts cultivated in Japan has been steadily penetrating in the local area, mainly by Japanese superintendents.


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